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#1 - 2016/06/04 02:05:00 AM
We wanted to provide some additional clarity on the format and logistics for this year’s North America Qualifier cups. This post will be updated with additional information as needed.

Seeding will be based on the average ladder rating of the highest rated three players on the team. This will be based on a ladder snapshot that will always take place at 2pm Pacific on the Monday prior to the Round of Eight broadcast.

Following the ladder snapshot, the brackets will be seeded and released by the end of the Wednesday prior to the Round of Eight broadcast.

Match Schedule:
All matches leading up to the Round of Eight will be played starting from 7pm Eastern on the Thursday and Friday nights prior to the Round of Eight broadcast.

Once the brackets are seeded and released, the schedule will be available. Teams must be online and ready within 30 minutes of their scheduled match time. Subsequent matches will be scheduled once the matches required are completed. All matches will be Best of Five.

All the rules can be found on the MLG Gamebattles Tournament Page, and on the official blog. Please familiarize yourself with the rules. Admins from GCDTV and MLG will be on hand to assist you with any disputes or issues.

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#21 - 2016/06/27 07:59:00 PM