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#1 - 2015/07/21 04:23:00 PM
The arms spec for T18 was performing very well and pulling excellent numbers but that was only with a full 4 set and archimonde trinket while other classes and specs don't need a 4set and class trinket to pull high numbers and have a fairly decent rotation. With this nerf the arms spec has had been over nerfed so hard that no one is willing to play it anymore just like in BRF(although it had a few niche fights fury just scales so hard that even on cleave fights its easier to just go fury and pull the same or ever better numbers with less effort), the nerf on t18 for arms has dropped us far too low with the changes we have had over a 13% damage decrease which is overkill. http://www.simulationcraft.org/reports/Raid_T18H.html

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#12 - 2015/07/23 12:08:00 AM
Prior to the nerf earlier this week, Arms was outperforming most specs by a considerable margin on virtually every fight in Hellfire Citadel. Our intent with the reduction of the 4-piece bonus this week wasn't to drastically reduce the viability of Arms Warriors, but rather to tone their DPS down just a bit and bring them more in-line with other damage dealers, while also fixing a bug that exacerbated the issue.

The nerf has only been in effect for a little over 24 hours, but so far Arms still seems to be doing very well. We'll continue to monitor how this change -- along with the changes we made to other DPS specs this week -- play out in Hellfire Citadel.