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#1 - 2014/08/28 01:36:00 AM
With the addition of skirmishes to the PvP interface, it looks like Call to Arms battlegrounds are no longer highlighted beyond their mention in the calendar and the old world emissaries patrolling the cities? (None present in Stormshield/Warspear, new battlegrounds don't have them).

Would it be possible to alter the interface slightly so they are highlighted in some way, even if it's putting a faction flag next to the battleground in the specific queue list? Perhaps add the emissaries and a larger than usual BG-specific battlemaster (and their related doodads) to the new hubs, too?

I'm not an artist but http://i61.tinypic.com/2v3lg5v.jpg could possibly work too :p

Game Designer
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#4 - 2014/08/28 06:03:00 PM
We've removed Call to Arms in Warlords. Originally, the feature was added to bring some variety to the battleground experience and allow players who like a specific battleground to occassionally binge on it. But, like any feature, we have to weight the benefits with the consequences. Call to Arms has an adverse affect on queue times in a pretty profound way. When certain battlegrounds are up, one faction will tend to queue for Call to Arms while the other tends to avoid it. As a result, we're going to remove it so that the majority of players are queuing through Random Battlegrounds.