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Regional FlagSo the dumb thing about character wipes ...Source
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#1 - 2014/08/07 05:51:00 PM
... is that we never get to actually, you know, testing the content past level 95. Especially because the plot is so linear, we have to go through and compete all the content. I haven't seen Spires or Nagrand or the high end dungeons. I can't imagine that it is a constructive approach - so WHY exactly wipe the characters if it is counterproductive to our ability to test the game? I'm genuinely curious.

Well, it will mostly be better if you fixed the zone in Frostfire Ridge where everything blinks in and out of existence.

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#54 - 2014/08/07 10:34:00 PM
Locking the thread as this isn't a constructive line of discussion.