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Regional FlagSooo - About the Lumber.Source
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#1 - 2014/08/02 04:25:00 PM
I think that something should be done with either how much lumber is out in the zones or how fast it re-spawns.
I've seen a few people say that they think lumber quantities are fine - but I think they just experienced flukes. Either they collected right after a reset of server - or just happened upon a batch that re-spawned. Also there was more lumber earlier in this build due to not many people collecting yet.
If you look at it now - it gets pretty rough, trying to find trees. When you do find one - well, if you think competition for mobs gets ridiculous sometimes, this is worse. It's only going to go downhill as more and more people start competing for lumber.
Now think of how it will be on Live - with even more people than there are on beta - it just isn't going to work as it is right now.
You have to also take into consideration - the different types of lumber - small, normal, large - and how many people are competing for each type.
Remember - there are achievements tied to lumber collecting, and level 3 plot is also tied to collecting. There will be other ways to spend resources in the future so everyone will PROBABLY always want to be collecting some amount of lumber.
Please take into consideration either making more spawn or increasing the spawn rate - or a little of both.

Game Designer
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#2 - 2014/08/02 05:21:00 PM
We're watching the spawns and experiences people are having. It's an easy enough number to tune. The question is: Are you just hanging around one zone or are you moving around? What tier is your LM? At level 1 it's going to be more difficult to fill your work orders since you can only log small timber. Also, timber spawns are much more plentiful in Spires/Nagrand.

Game Designer
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#8 - 2014/08/02 08:39:00 PM
Good feedback. Few notes:

    Lumber Mill level 2 (and all medium plot blueprints for that matter) unlock at level 98 on the blueprint vendor. You can also get a token for a medium building by completing the Spires of Arak building quest chain.

    Small timber exists in every zone (except Frostfire). Spires is probably the most densely spawned with small timber, with Talador a close second.

    You can currently use timber to buy a few more things and we'll try to add more. At the very least if you ever manage to get Phylarch you'll likely want a steady supply on hand for Everbloom Seeds.

That said, we'll take a look at the spawn points.