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Regional FlagRemove Deserter for BetaSource
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#1 - 2014/07/23 08:01:00 PM
Currently LFR is bugged and you cannot requeue for a missing person that leaves or DC's. Several times this happens as the instance is formed and everyone is forced to drop and requeue. This creates a 30 minute wait for no reason.

For example, just joined Auchindon which looks amazing, but Tank was DC'ed and could not get back in past the loading screen. We were forced to drop and are hit with a deserter debuff.

I know the intent of it but for testing purposes, please temporarily disable it.

Game Designer
Target Source
#2 - 2014/07/23 09:05:00 PM
We're going to be fixing the issue that presents LFD dungeon groups from backfilling, which is the real problem here. (Probably not in this coming build, but the one after.)