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Regional FlagThings are not Goren our way Horde QuestSource
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#1 - 2014/07/18 03:50:00 AM
The respawn rate on those Goren is ridiculous. For a quest we are supposed to be able to do solo in any spec I shouldn't be in combat the entire time I'm anywhere near the mine. I get halfway through clearing a group and another Goren spawns. I couldn't get out of combat and am happy I chose to play Ret Pally on my Horde premade because without that armor and those heals I don't think I'd have survived.

Suggestion: Slow the spawns down. A lot. I can understand if it is supposed to be challenging, but at least let players have a second to breath. My NPCs weren't able to kill the Goren fast enough and the blasted things almost made it past my Garrison Walls.

Game Designer
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#8 - 2014/07/22 06:26:00 AM
Whoops, looks like we had the wrong respawn on that area! 10s is a bit fast, wouldn't you say? These should be back to normal soon. Thanks for the heads up.