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#1 - 2014/07/03 06:48:00 PM
Can we get a "Known Issues" thread, locked with Blues only access so they can post what they are aware of so we don't need to keep spamming bug reports for the same stuff over and over? I don't necessarily mean a "We will get to this next build" kind of thing, just something that says "Yes, we are aware the Defense of Karabor can not be completed because the NPC is not there" or "We are aware the Essence of Shadow is bugged at the moment". I don't expect it to be up to date at all times but anything could help.

The patch notes don't really touch on these issues and we aren't getting feedback in regards to the bug reports, but the testers knowing what is known and what isn't could be useful and less stressful on everyone. Just a thought.

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#6 - 2014/07/03 10:30:00 PM
Your request makes sense, and there's definite value in having that kind of information available to testers, but the overhead in keeping a list like that accurate and up-to-date would be likely be too time-intensive to be feasible, especially if we accelerate the rate in which we push builds live to beta.

Your best bet is to report things you come across via the in-game bug reporting system. That tool has the ability easily parse related reports together (and makes them stand out more) and makes our jobs easier.