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Regional FlagHold your Luckydos close...Source
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#1 - 2014/06/13 02:39:00 PM
...it's Friday the 13th!

My rogue always carries Lucky Charm Lucky Ball of Pitch Lucky Raptor Claws among a dozen other superstitious charms, but my rogue also has no space in her bags. I think today I'll use a few Potion of Luck just to be safe.

Anyone else have any special items they keep around for luck?

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#15 - 2014/06/13 05:25:00 PM
Given that it's Friday the 13th AND it's a full moon, the zombie murloc apocolypse could kick off at any moment at which I will likely pass out. If I do, would someone be so kind as to wave some Digested Caracoli under my nose to resuscitate me?