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Game Designer
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#1 - 2014/06/10 01:21:00 AM
Please use this thread to report gamebreaking bugs, or bugs that massively affect game balance.

This thread is for things like:
  • Blood DKs are benefitting from 100% more mastery than they should, so can solo dungeons.
  • Pain Suppression has no cooldown.
  • Balance Druids are missing Wrath.
  • Casting this spell crashes the server.
  • Wild Growth heals for 1000 times the intended amount.

READ THIS! This thread is NOT for:
  • My class feels weak.
  • This quest doesn't work.
  • This ability should multistrike but doesn't.
  • This spell doesn't display a visual.

We'll read all of the reports of all of the smaller bugs and feedback, don't worry. The goal in this thread is to quickly bubble to the top anything that you think is so broken that we should consider hotfixing it, so that it doesn't impair or invalidate other testing.

Game Designer
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#30 - 2014/06/11 02:39:00 AM
Yep, we're working on a hotfix for the ilvl1000 pants that crash your client. Hang tight.

Quality Assurance
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#31 - 2014/06/11 03:08:00 AM
Hotfix is being applied to Alpha realms now to fix the crashing when mousing over certain items.

You may need to log in and out, or force your client to update its game cache by deleting the cache folder.

Game Designer
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#38 - 2014/06/11 06:23:00 AM
I think the reports of huge damage/health on some people are people who had those bad pants equipped. Once you log in/out, it'll be fixed.

Please hang on to reports of missing abilities for the moment. New patch notes coming tomorrow which will clarify what's going on there.

Again, please only use this thread for gamebreaking bugs. Ability X doing 40 times as much damage as it should is gamebreaking. Ability Y doing 40% more damage than it should is not.