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#1 - 2012/09/07 08:23:00 AM
OK, so I have absolutely avoided knowing about MoP as best as I can. I want it to be all shiny and new when it comes out. But, with that said, I would love - if possible - to start stocking up on mats for whatever the "best" professions are expected to be for a panda monk. I don't even know if my question really even has an answer yet, but if it does, or if you at least have educated opinions, I would love to hear about them.

Thanks a ton!

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#15 - 2014/05/04 07:29:00 PM
Please be mindful of the date on a thread and do not resurrect/bump it if it is fairly old. If you wish provide feedback on a topic or participate in a discussion create your own or find one that is recent. This thread will now be locked.