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#1 - 2012/12/26 10:08:00 PM
First blizz, let me say I love the item elixir of ancient knowledge. 300% xp gain for 1 hour is awesome. But it's a bit depressing when that hour is out. As someone who has leveled way to many toon, and continues to do so I'd like to see some improvements to this item. It has a 10% drop rate, and I can only assume I was lucky to run across krol while he wasn't being camped.

Please make it a 3 use item instead of just once, or better yet, give it a 24 hour cd, but that you get to keep the item. I think 1 hour per day of triple xp wouldn't be to overpowered.

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#26 - 2014/05/02 05:05:00 PM
Hey, folks, please be mindful of a post's age before replying to it. If you'd like to provide you own feedback on specific items, please look to see if there are any newer threads available, and if not, feel free to open your own!