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Regional FlagHow does one start Shieldwall in 5.2?Source
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#1 - 2013/03/10 10:47:00 PM
Before I report this as a bug...

Now that 5.2 is here, if you reach level 90 and fly over the Vale you get the starting quest for Thunder King instead of Operation: Shieldwall. Is there some other way of starting that 5.1 quest line now?

I looked around and couldn't find any other way of starting it...

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#13 - 2014/05/02 04:55:00 PM
Hey, everyone, let's be mindful of a post's age before replying! It's likely that anyone in the original post has already figured out where to start this chain, and a lot has changed since 5.2. We appreciate the concern with players looking for how to start it since 5.4, but please limit any information to a post that may currently ask that question! Thanks!