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#1 - 2014/05/02 02:30:00 AM
Come on guys all I've seen for the past 5-ish months since Blizzcon isn't different forms of QQ. First the gear squish, then reforge etc being taken out, no flying til 6.1 and now the LFR gear changes. To you "LFR Heroes" you won't see any real difference in your loot other than it won't look like a recolored version of the Normal/Heroic and it will have different names. It won't be the same tiered gear as Normal/Heroic but this is just to simply prevent LFR gear from being best in slot over heroic gear that's harder to earn. Also THE DROP CHANCE IS INCREASED ON LFR GEAR!!! It will be easier to get so you can quit QQing about "How hard it is to get your piece to drop!" All LFR is meant to be is an easy, non-structured way to experience endgame content. This way Hardcore players will feel less obligated to group with you and you won't get nearly as much " LOL! you're geared wrong learn to play or [edit] noob!"What I'm trying to say is I don't understand how this is a bad thing. Blizz hates LFR anyways be glad they aren't pulling the plug on it completely!

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#10 - 2014/05/02 03:25:00 PM
Locking this one down as the tone of the original post isn't one that leads to a constructive discussion. Please avoid blanket insulting other players. If anyone would like to open another post discussing feedback on this topic, go for it, but aim to open in such a way that it will encourage constructive discussion of the topic at hand.