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#1 - 2014/04/29 07:41:00 PM
So, according to my understanding healing and damage is going to be significantly weaker in the sense that it may take up to 15 seconds or more to top a player off from 5% health while freecasting, but at the same time a person can be at 50% health and be swapped onto by an RMP team with full cooldowns and still come out of the stunlock with 10%+ health.

Is this correct? Is this their idea of what the pace of the game should be?

Community Manager
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#11 - 2014/04/29 08:30:00 PM
15 seconds to top someone off is a bit long of an estimate, unless you're purposefully choosing to use weaker heals in an effort to conserve mana. Our goal is that you can still top someone off in a hurry if you choose to do so, but it'll be expensive. Skilled healers will recognize when they need to spend that extra mana, or when it's okay to leave their teammate hovering around 50% or so and just sustain.

Burst windows will still be a thing. Creating opportunities via CC will still be a thing. Those are all important parts of Arena gameplay, we're just trying to get away from "if I don't keep the Shaman at 100% he might die."