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#1 - 2014/04/25 08:49:00 PM
Hello everyone, I am here to hopefully find a girlfriend that will love me for who I am, and we can also make some events online, maybe if things work out we can see eachother, I am 24 studying concept art and want to work for a big gaming company one day, i only ever had a girlfriend in my life, she wasn't the one I was waiting for but its ok, she was the only girl I made love to for the first time in my life, I understand that making love is part of the relationship, but I was never too good, I am willing to learn though.

I do have a Facebook for the girls interested and we can talk more , I like creative girls and girls who don't take things way to serious, I am creative , I don't know what else to say, whisper me in game please or leave a response here.

Appreciate the time you took to read this and I am waiting, thank you.

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#56 - 2014/04/26 06:39:00 AM
These forums are for discussion about World of Warcraft, therefore we’re locking this thread as it’s not the correct place for this topic.