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#1 - 2014/04/17 07:59:00 PM
The Race Is On! Watch the Azeroth Choppers Premiere Now

Watch Team Horde, led by Sam Didier, and Team Alliance, led by Chris Metzen, battle it out to create the ultimate chopper. In Episode 1, Paul Jr. and the teams embark on their epic quest, and right out of the gates they’re blindsided by a few surprises. Don’t miss a single second as the sparks fly and the race begins. And make sure to rally your friends to vote, because the winning team’s Chopper will become a one-of-kind FREE in-game mount. Your faction’s pride is on the line!

Keep up to date on all of the latest episodes at www.AzerothChoppers.com, and let your faction’s war cry be heard with #AzerothChoppers.