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#1 - 2014/03/18 08:17:00 PM
I have dabbled in it before sparidocally, but I would like to add more time in this mini game.

Any advice on what pets I should level first? At the moment, I am just leveling a few to get through the Tamers Quests, but after that, I would like to put a team together for competitive play (if there is any competitive matches).

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#4 - 2014/03/18 11:47:00 PM
I was rather surprised to find that my Aqua Strider was great against most encounters. And with its self-heal, I'm glad I leveled that one to 25 early on. It's now on my power-leveling team. =)

(There are tons of other great pets to level up first, though. This one in particular has been one of my favorites.)