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Regional FlagWhats your favourite thing to do in-game ? (Show MVP Posts)Source
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#1 - 2014/02/24 08:47:00 PM
Just curious :-)
Farming ? Because i simply love to farm mobs . Anyone else feels the same ? I can do it for hours and never get bored of it ... seems like most people assume im a bot because im at the same spot every day.. because they whisper me and ask me what im doing ...:P

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#22 - 2014/02/25 02:37:00 PM
I spent all weekend soloing vanilla, TBC and WotLK raids for transmog gear. My Warrior now looks insanely cool, in my humble opinion ofc. Still missing Bulwark of Azzinoth though >.<

Kinda hit a brick wall when I tried to solo Flame Leviathan... any tips? :P