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#1 - 2014/02/19 11:13:00 AM
It's about time to address the obvious issue. I'm not that much against the recent "Buy 90 lvl" feature as much as I'm getting the impression that accountants are running the game's direction these days. Shop buttons even on character selection is overdoing it now. Some guys would like to be immersed in the game, not reminded of the outside world at every turn. They actually want to play the game AND be immersed.. both don't go well I guess.

Buy this, buy that. Where's the passion for the actual game? Activision are so fast to implement their milking ways. This is actually the only game that is both subscription based and offer separately paid content (effectively using your subscription money to create content you can't possibly get unless you pay extra). And they do it because they get away, it's that simple. I know we are all good folks here but it won't hurt us at all to keep them on their greedy toes by being more vocally critical to their decisions (especially the milking ones), always.

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#35 - 2014/02/20 07:37:00 AM
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