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#1 - 2014/02/19 06:30:00 PM
Can we please get rid of the corn row buzz cut thing? I would think my orc would know how to keep parts of her head clean shaven she has been keeping it clean shaven for years.


That or Rename the expac Trailer parks of Draenor and add a M e t h(why was this censored what are we 12?)Cooking profession, and dentists to provide characters with new teeth when theirs fall out.

Community Manager
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#22 - 2014/02/19 08:14:00 PM
They're actually shaved lines, not braids. In some of the shots you can see they're not exact and not symmetrical, and that's intentional. Chris tweeted some backstory, and the intent is to give a bit more of a savage-warrior type vibe.


I painted in some shaved lines, like she shaves that area of her head with her axe as a sign of her kills. as an example of where we're making small adj. to give characters more depth without (hopefully) deviating too much