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#1 - 2014/01/25 02:49:00 AM
So, I'm generally against these kinds of "congratulate me" posts, but I've been running Sethekk Halls since Ruby Sanctum, in hopes to get the Raven Lord. (Also not looking for praise, just can't keep it to myself <3 )) I have 10 toons capable of soloing said instance, and I tend to do so on my Paladin and Druid at least twice a week, on both toons. Today, I decided to do an account wide run, and lo and behold, my third run through on my Lock, it dropped! I'M SO, AHGAHARLHKAHERAH!!!!!!!!

I have farmed this mount consistently for three years, and I finally got it. I had to share my happiness!

Thank you for putting up with that, forgive me, and goodnight! :D

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#12 - 2014/01/25 02:58:00 AM
Congrats on obtaining Anzu! It's one of my favorite mounts in the game. (Not biased or anything....yay birds!)