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Regional FlagThere's a serial killer boulder on the looseSource
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#1 - 2014/01/14 08:29:00 PM

It has 968 health and is level 20.

There's only one explanation for this: It became sentient and is now on a mass murder spree working its way up to 90 and then to raid boss status. It must of easily killed hundreds of people on its way to level 20.

Community Manager
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#6 - 2014/01/14 08:47:00 PM
Last night at 12:03 am we identified the bodies of 34 gnolls, 3 spiders, and one murloc, with cause of death appearing to be 'crushed by a giant sentient boulder'. Lieutenant Horatio Laine is leading the investigation, and we recommend everyone stay clear of Redridge until further notice. Thank you.