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#1 - 2013/12/10 02:05:00 PM
I am coming back to home at 8-9pm and I am willing to play WoW. Lately there has been an issue which is getting worse and worse. Almost each week the time in queue to log is getting longer and longer, server is always Locked. The position in queue is above 1k and the estimated time is 30 minutes but it always takes around 50 or even more. I can't understand why you are letting servers get overpopulated and you are not putting a limit. When I chose Ragnaros there was not such a problem with queue times, it was always a highly populated server but was rarely getting locked. What am I supposed to do now? I am paying every month so that I can play but I can't. Transfer to another Server? I have 10 characters here so...?

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#34 - 2013/12/12 09:29:00 PM
Please check out the latest FCM thread in the Ragnaros forums. We've provided Horde players with the option of moving to Tarren Mill, which we believe is an attractive option. Please leave any further feedback in that thread: