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#1 - 2013/11/23 06:19:00 PM
Title says it all: Why hasn't warrior damage been nerfed by now? Doesn't matter the arena ratings -- high, low, or in between -- warrior damage is too high. It needs about a 10-15% flat nerf off the top to be manageable in 522 gear levels with how potent their cd stacking can be.

Why is warrior damage allowed to be this high?

inb4 baddie arena ratings

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#64 - 2013/11/25 07:18:00 PM
We don't feel that Warrior damage output itself is the issue. It's strong, but not out of line compared to other classes. We think the issue lies with mobility, and the Warrior's ability to keep that constant pressure going. That's why we decided to revert the 5.4 Intervene change in 5.4.2 and move the root break back to Safeguard. Once we've had a chance to see how that affects things, we'll be able to decide if any further changes are necessary.