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#1 - 2013/11/13 07:46:00 PM
Im not sure this is confirmed and i sincerely hope this is not going live.
litsen to this 14mins in.


If i understood this correctly you will only be able to do arena on saturdays between 16.00 and 20.00?

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#196 - 2013/11/15 02:29:00 PM
From what i've seen and read, Blizzard are alternating days for more people to participate in arena and RBGS, so there will be more ques for both during them days, when it is not arena day, there will be skirmishes which i believe the community has been asking for, for a while now.
I personally like this idea, as it means i can level up alts for pvp and just leave them in their competitive pvp gear whilst i get the chance to Gear my main. Personally i found it boring and tedious gearing up 3-8 alts and this change means i can be competitive on all of them.
I see this change working positivity as it will stop win trading and make pvp competitive and fun once again.

From what we know right now I believe alternate days is indeed the current plan.

Everyone, please continue giving your thoughts on this feature but remember that the system is still in the works as we take on board your feedback, so try to keep it constructive :)

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#209 - 2013/11/15 04:10:00 PM
I dont understand it.

EU blue does not deny Arena ladders canceled (atleast he did not say thing about it), but US blue says that thay have no plans to cancel it.

Make up your mind please.Its really confusing, can we get a simple answer please?

Is blizzard going to cancel standart arena ladders and its gameplay as we know it ? :)

I'm sorry if my post was confusing. As Lore said, we have no plans to remove the current Arena ladder.