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#1 - 2013/11/14 11:27:00 AM
Now, after reading about WoD removing flying until patch 6.1. well for me personally - that is fair enough. Back in the day, we were all use to paying gold for a ground mount which for me took me ages to finally get the gold to buy one. And then obviously it was huge being able to buy flying in Outlands for me when I got my Epic Flying & Mount. But like I said, back in the day it was great being able to explore Azeroth etc without flying.

But then Flying did hit in Cataclysm. And now we all spend most of our time flying to and from places. But as the years have gone on then, it's become a necessity for people has it not? think about it logically, we live in a world of 2013 where technology is getting so much more advanced. Could you ever let go of lets say your IPhone and swap it for your old brick Nokia? the answer is probably 'no' because that IPhone is so much useful to you... because as time has gone on, you have gotten use to how advanced this technology has got.

I do not complain about anyone who is against this 'no-flying' because I understand that WoW has evolved and for the past couple of years we have been use to being able to fly and get to place we need to go. Imagine that being all taken away and now people have to go back in time to when we could not fly? have a little bit of thought about that. We're in 2013, not in 2004 - 2010. Surely you can understand how people feel for not being able to fly in Draenor when it's become a part of WoW.

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#20 - 2013/11/14 12:53:00 PM
Those of you who are worried about the lack of flying early on in the expansion, remember that it will only apply to the new zones, and only for a limited time in most cases. The new zones are being designed with this in mind too—we're being extra careful to ensure that flying isn't missed too much.