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#1 - 2013/11/13 08:58:00 PM
At Blizzcon they announced that they would be making a tab for heirlooms that is going to be genuinely cross-realm. Thank you Blizz!

I might have missed it, but I was wondering if they mentioned what will happen with multiples of the same heirloom? Will we only see one in our tab or will it show how many we have? Also will we get refunds for the ones we have more than one of?. I have at least 3 sets of the cloth gear and 3 of each PvE trinket. Also how does this effect things like daggers and maces that you can use two of at a time?

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#3 - 2013/11/13 09:01:00 PM
It's a new UI of (essentially) buttons that will "light up" when you obtain one (or have obtained one) of the heirlooms. Click the button and an item of that type will be generated and put into your bags.