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#1 - 2013/11/12 09:30:00 AM
Hello Blizzard!

I did not know where to post this so I try here and we'll see what happens.

I would like to make a request to blizzard about the migration of characters from one realm to another realm. I like to have many characters and I like to level characters as well and I have some friends playing this game on different servers. I've been moving my characters around since they were located on different servers to start with and I kept moving one or more characters to the servers were my friends where playing to play together with them. In cataclysm I decided to get all my characters to the same server so I payed the migration fee for 4-5 characters and now I have all my characters on the same server.
In Cataclysm I lost the motivation and lacked the time to play and enjoy the game so I have not been playing the pandaria expansion, but now on the last BlizzCon I saw the new changes in Warlords and got really exited about starting to play the game again. My problem now is that i have 6-7 characters that I want to play with and they are all on the same server but my friends are playing on another server. This will result in a migration fee of 20 Euro per character which is 120-140 euro to move my characters, this is not a fee that I think is near reasonable for just moving some characters....

So, could you please add a new alternative in the Migration service so you can move several characters for another price? Let's say that you could make a batch-move and move up to 10 characters from one realm to another for a set amount, like 40-60 euro, then you will still have use of the old move one character service and people will use it if they need to move one character and maybe you even will get some more money out of it since if someone have like 2-3 characters but with the current system was only going to move 1, then instead with the system i request he will use the mass move to get some of his alts and other characters as well.

I really don't see why you haven't implemented a system like this before since moving one or more characters from realm to realm really shouldn't be any big difference.

I really hope that you look in to this and give me a good reply if you won't even consider my request. I really like the games you are making and it would be booring if this would result in me not beeing able to play and enjoy the game with my friends.

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#5 - 2013/11/13 03:23:00 PM
The cost associated with the migration service actually helps to regulate the amount of realm hopping going on, which in turn helps to prevent huge 'overnight' realm population fluctuations.

It's certainly a useful service for people who find themselves stranded without friends etc. but we don't currently have any plans to change the way it works or add a multi-character move option. However, we hear you loud and clear and will continue to pass on everyone's thoughts :)

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#17 - 2013/11/13 04:41:00 PM
Some very valid points, thanks once again.

I've mentioned this in other threads, but right now—especially during the Connected Realms roll-out—we're not looking to make any changes to the migration services. Once things have settled, we can take a step back and assess the situation.

Please know that we totally want you all to be having the best possible experience while playing. There is no simple fix to this that works for everyone. There are solid reasons why we can't currently offer free transfers to any realm, even with cooldowns as some have suggested, but we're constantly working to develop and implement other solutions that will help as many people as possible.