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#1 - 2013/10/29 06:26:00 AM
Would it be too much to ask Blizzard for a free month of Wow time? Or a discount? Something? Due to all of the maintenance, We have had so much time taken from us. I understand Blizzard is working towards saving the dying realms for us. And i am great-full. But as much money that they spend on programming this game, You would think they would have planned this out, and used PTR to work out the bugs etc. THEN release one big patch that connects all the realms that are listed to be merged at once, That way we would not lose as much playing time. :)

Just a thought, Any comments?

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#121 - 2013/10/31 12:17:00 AM
Thread locked due to the personal attacks being fired off here in the thread. If you wish to respond to a post, please do so in a civil way - off the cuff remarks that are intended to embarrass or call out another player are not advised. Thanks for understanding.