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Regional FlagSpoils of Pandaria on FlexSource
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#1 - 2013/10/02 02:31:00 PM
Did anyone else notice the Mob HP seemed extremely high? Especially on the Mogu side? The Spark of Life adds had like 4-5 million HP for us with 16 people. We've had no DPS issues in flex thus far...way under enrage timers, but this fight was an absolute wall.

Game Designer
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#49 - 2013/10/05 03:02:00 AM
So I took a gander at the sparks on normal on my raid's clear this week, and they had like, 400k hp? This is in 10m. In the 16m flex I ran last week they had 4 million hp. So yeah, I'm pretty confident in saying now that the hp scaling for the sparks only is out of line. Geez 400k vs 4million, no wonder I felt something seemed off.

This was the problem -- thank you. There was a data error with the health scaling of Life Sparks in particular, which has now been corrected.