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#1 - 2013/09/20 09:01:00 PM
all ive seen so far by people against this is attacks on pve'ers play style or abilities not one of you have come up with a valid reason why we shouldn't have this option.

you have the option of pvping always
there is an option to flag or not be flagged
so why not a permanent off swtich

we are not asking to end pvp.

NONE OF YOU AGAINST THIS IDEA have said how this would effect your gameplay!

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#176 - 2013/09/21 01:27:00 AM
Flagging on PvE has always been kind of weird. You can be flagged, I'm not flagged, and I can either spend time on a long-cast nuke, or even sheep you, and you have no way to counter me. Or a flagged person can do all sorts of devious things to try to trick people into getting someone else to flag by clicking on them or whatever. Separately there are a ton of abilities in the game, and some of them just cease to work at all if we tried to fix some of them causing flagging. Lastly (?), someone can be flagged and if you heal them that flags you! (My personal favey fav as a healer.)

We're aware. It's become a more relevant discussion because of the activity on the isle and your feedback, but it's a big discussion and a big change, and probably not something we're going to be able to address while the isle is still relevant for most of you.

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#188 - 2013/09/21 01:33:00 AM
09/20/2013 06:30 PMPosted by Mirisanelle
Bashiok: If you dont hotfix current content so that all can enjoy it, why waste time making changes after it becomes a ghost town?

Sorry my reply was maybe confusing, we're aware PvE flagging in general is weird regardless of the isle or any other content, and a change to PvE flagging in-general is something we're discussing but is probably a ways away. The problem doesn't start and stop with the Timeless Isle, although that of course seems very relevant at the moment.

in other words once the island becomes an empty deserted wasteland with little or no players then well consider making it where PvP is optional well that would kind of be a moot point then dont you think?

Not at all, PvE flagging is sure to continue to be an issue for many years to come without a change.