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Regional FlagWarlock T14-4 Bonus USELESS!Source
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#1 - 2013/08/28 04:05:00 PM
I can't imagine a more useless T14 4-piece proc benefit in PVE as demonic gateway having its debuff reduced 15-seconds. Are you nuts?! Demonic gateway at best is a minor movement and aggro management tool during raid boss fights. Aside from the gryphon boss in the Forgotten Depths and Dark Animus, demonic gateway was fairly useless. Its great for PVP and great for solo'ing warbringers and scouts, but FFS, are you kidding me? We bust our butts to get 4-piece T14 lock set and this is what we get?! This should be a 4-piece gladiator season gear bonus, not PVE. Change please.

Community Manager
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#6 - 2013/08/28 07:44:00 PM
It's the pvp set bonus. Not a pve set bonus.