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#1 - 2013/07/10 10:52:00 AM
OK from what i have read they will be introducing "Virtual realms" in a future patch? Question i have is will server capacity be significantly increased so that people playing on or linked to servers like Silvermoon, Dreanor or other high playerbase realms can log in without queues or lag like there is in some cases at the moment?

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#7 - 2013/07/10 03:48:00 PM
It’s true that we haven’t released that much detailed information about Virtual Realms, but you can rest assured that queues and especially server capacity won’t be a problem. We’ll be paying close attention to its implementation and we’ll make sure that the gameplay is not negatively affected by this, as that would be absolutely counterproductive to what we are trying to achieve here.
Now, there are always some risks inherently associated with new things, but on the odd chance that any hiccups do happen, we’ll make sure that they don’t last very long.