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#1 - 2013/06/08 02:27:00 AM
If it's the orc's home planet. Seems kinda arrogant to come to someone's planet and name it after your race. But it's ok tho, we got back at those draenei tenfold, bwahahahahaha.

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#11 - 2013/06/08 02:41:00 AM
The orcs were a beastly and savage race. They did not posses the cognitive ability for speech. Many scientists maintain that they still do not. When the fleeing Eredar landed there, well first they spent months cleaning it because the orcs were just totally disgusting and had no concept of safe food handling or indoor plumbing. Anyway, when they landed there, they called it Draenor! Meaning, "Awesome Eredar Guys" or something. The orcs heard this and just picked their noses and ate some rocks, because that's what they did normally and they didn't know what these awesome beings were saying. Well, after years of attempting to teach the orcs language, and to stop eating rocks because it was seriously endangering their species, the orcs ended up drinking some blood, because orcs. The blood made them really angry, and by that time the name Draenor was burned into their tiny blood-soaked rock-like-from-eating-so-many-rocks orc brains.

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