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#1 - 2013/05/14 12:45:00 PM
This thread will track known issues and API caveats. This is not an indicator that things will be fixed.

Index Resources
There is a bug right now where any resource that ends with '/' won't work when authenticating unless you include 'index.html'.

For example this won't work when using authentication:

This should:

The workaround should work even after the bug fix, so once we get this fixed either solution will work fine.

Achievement API
  • Reward field is not localized
  • Race-specific achievements don't have a field to say this
  • There are some criteria that aren't marked as complete for character and guild achievements
  • Faction specific rewards are not marked as such

Item API
  • Disenchant information is not included.
  • Power cost can output the the default object toString instead of anything useful
  • There are a lot of issues with item sources
  • Need to add min iLvl to gemInfo.
  • Need to add unique info to item api.

Character Profile API
  • Mistweaver's power type is currently set to energy which affects stats and other data items
  • Fetching professions does not include all archaeology data.
  • Statistics are not returned for characters.
  • Fetching achievement data may contain some internal or non-public achievement data. This data will continue to be scrubbed and cleaned as needed.
  • For some characters their achievement point total on the community site and API are off by 10.
  • Pets do not list their type.
  • Character combat pet data doesn't show what type, or what buff that type provides
  • Pet and Mount data is not currently accurate.

Guild Profile API
  • Fetching guild profile data does not display the emblem information as displayed on the character profile API.
  • Fetching achievement data may contain some internal or non-public achievement data. This data will continue to be scrubbed and cleaned as needed.
  • Some characters achievement points when loaded via the guild API are set to 0.
  • The character data returned with the guild API does not include last modified information.
  • Character info doesn't include spec
  • Some character thumbnails aren't available due to inactivity
  • Guild activity numbers are not included in roster

  • Some players have 0/0 win/loss records in the rated battleground ladder (on the website and api.)
  • It is not easy to get % information (for things like Challenger)
  • Arena team emblem information is not shown

Quest API
  • No class/race/faction requirements are listed
  • No daily (repeatable) information is listed
  • No prerequisite information is listed

Spell API
  • Some spell descriptions don't actually come from the spell description (483 for example).
  • Spells which are enchants do not show how they affect items except for text in the description.

Auction House API
  • Auction owner may be represented as a string of question marks when character information is unavailable.