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Regional FlagVanilla WoW players - Don't you miss the difficulty? (Show MVP Posts)Source
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#1 - 2013/05/09 02:52:00 PM
I'm sure i'm not alone with my fellow Vanilla WoW players when I say WoW was the best when content was very difficult. Unfortunately, the game is getting easier as Xpacs go on, and it really sucks to see the once super competitive and difficult game just becoming a cakewalk for most of the guilds... Not even just PVE... Who likes to sit there in 10-15 minute long arena games because WoW PVP is nothing but sitting there trying to mow down someone recieving endless amounts of heals...

I know blizzard wanted more people to experience content and whatnot, but is that really the right direction ? making the game incredibly easy, taking away the epicness of every encounter you face? I'm just curious to what you guys think, and do you think we will just see content becoming easier and easier in future expansions ?

EDIT: Alot of people seem to think I was talking about vanilla WoW only, I was only using that as a reference to those who have experienced all the expansions leading up to this one. We all can definitely agree vanilla WoW was a grind fest, but the raiding was more difficult compared to how it is now. I was mainly thinking of the difficulty of BC and WOTLK , and how raiding is a joke in cata and MOP.

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#101 - 2013/05/10 06:00:00 PM
I think reading some reviews about WoW back when it was launched in the US and soon to be launched in Europe might help see how the MMO landscape was back then and how it was perceived by reviewers: