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Regional FlagExtra rolls as assassination... Maces?Source
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#1 - 2013/04/10 06:49:00 PM
This happened on our first Council kill a few weeks ago. I was using my coin for trinket/gloves and I got a mace instead. It would be intereseting if you could separate daggers from maces/swords/axes/fist weapons. This way, we wouldn't be wasting rolls on stuff we do not need.

Thanks for your time.

Community Manager
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#3 - 2013/04/10 06:55:00 PM
We're working on adding the ability to choose which specialization loot you'd like to receive when using a bonus roll in patch 5.3. And to top it off, we're also adding in protections for bad luck streaks.

Patch 5.3 Adds Off-Spec Loot and Rewards