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#1 - 2013/04/06 06:17:00 PM
I have given pve a new try every expansion during all these years but i cant even do a single raid/hc without being bored. I dont wanna sound rude or anything but could you explain to me whats so fun with raiding? I mean, its so boring to stand 25 ppl smashing at a boss with your "rotation" were the boss is just a program and not even a player that cant think for its own, its actions is only a result of a computer generated program. What can be so fun in that?

In pvp for example you cant use any specific rotation, yes you have a priority list but you cant use a rotation like in pve since every situation is unique in pvp. This is because you are against another human player that can think and act at your reactions (unlike a computer generated program that just being there looking stupid). Im not saying pvp requires more skill, im sure pve is superhard. Since i dont see the point behind pve i thought you pve heroes could enlighten me. So, what makes it so fun to gather 25 ppl and hit computer programs?

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#47 - 2013/04/08 02:27:00 PM
Time to stop this little trollfest you've started, as it clear you wanted to just annoy people.

But, to not make this a completely irrelevant post, I'll say this about computer programs and their difficulty (arguing that these can never be as hard as human opponents), even if it's not related to WoW at all: