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Regional FlagWhy are MOP rares have that cheap atk?Source
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#1 - 2013/03/21 10:30:00 PM
I notice all the MOP rares that in pandaria, have some form of a cheap mega-hit atk that gets you for 100K+ or more from your HP. Some you can solo ok, just avoiding the "earthquake", "waterspout", or whatever but some you really cant i think because even with using all your CCs, you cant last long when they hit you more than 3 times, just kinda lame imo. I know they are not suppose to be easy, but they shouldnt be hitting as hard as raid bosses with their "cheap moves atk".

My 2 cents.

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#11 - 2013/03/22 01:00:00 AM
The fights with rare spawns (The ones with a silver dragon around their portrait.) in Pandaria usually involve testing your knowledge of fight mechanics to avoid the harder hitting attacks. It promotes situational awareness and is a nice change of pace from fighting non-rares with a chance for special loot.