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Regional Flagugh 5 day wait?Source
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#1 - 2013/03/20 06:02:00 PM
back to 5 day wait for a tickets now? ugh i just want my item back/gold back from this guy who scammed me and took off with the item, any chance a blue could contact me?

Support Forum Agent
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#13 - 2013/03/20 09:24:00 PM
Five days is really a long wait time.

There isn't any denying that, but queue times fluctuate, especially after a content update like patch 5.2. Queue times will eventually return to normal and our support staff is working to see that happen as quickly as possible. There isn't anything that can be done beyond that then to wait it out.

Make sure that your issue is something that our support staff can help with, be as succinct as possible in your ticket so that the person who receives your ticket does not require additional information.