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Regional FlagExplain 'stat weights' to me pleaseSource
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#1 - 2013/02/28 04:03:00 PM
I want to use wowreforge, the website for gear optimization just to check it out. I set the desired exp and hit stat, but it tells me it's not possible, even though it's more than possible for me and I've done it every time I get a new armor piece. This must have something to do with stat weights. Can someone please explain the term to me so I can use this site as it's supposed to be used?

Thanks in advance!

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#9 - 2013/03/05 04:32:00 PM
Have you tried other any other websites? Some interfaces can be easier or more intuitive to use, a very popular one seems to be AskMrRobot.
Might be worth a shot if you are struggling too much with that one.