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#0 - 2009/10/09 04:06:29 AM
Is it just me or do the rest of you notice that you have the same gear [sometimes better] than another class, like a Mage or Warlock? Yet you seem to do significantly less DPS...I know the answer to this, It's yes...

I'm rather frustrated with my class to be honest, I left American servers playing a Mage and thought I would give a shadow priest a shot when i migrated to EU, Now i am sitting in TOGC doing no more than 5.5k DPS on any given occasion [while my mage is wearing roughly the same gear can pull 7.5-8.5k]

Even though i have the same amount of spellpower 2.75k with Illustation of the Dragonsoul up, i have 4 piece T9 and 27% crit
[roughly 33% with talents i guess]

I really hope they plan on doing something about this to be honest it's a huge disappointment to think I have worked this hard gearing up a class that is not even adequate DPS. Come on guys, i am casting at 3200 spell power roughly fully raid buffed and not able to pull 6k? While a warlock in welfare epics can spam incinerate and do 5k effortlessly, I understand my class is a hybrid but then taking that into consideration..Moonkins are able to pump out 6-7k no problem, Ret Paladins can do more usually.

I'm being told that it is our spell co-effs that cause this lack in DPS but i would appreciate a response from a blue that does not include "delete your WTF" or "re-installing the game may help" :)

Thanks in advance for any opinions/responses


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#22 - 2009/10/12 10:43:09 AM
We do recognise that Shadow priest single-target damage is on the low side. In 3.3 we plan to have some changes coming to bring them up a bit. Most of the changes will likely be made on the glyph side of things, something along the lines of trying a glyph to let SW:P scale with haste or similar.

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#26 - 2009/10/12 11:07:50 AM
Q u o t e:
I do believe it would be better to just increase the scaling of Mind Flay [...]
We plan to fiddle around with the range (20yd to 30yd I think), but no word on the scaling. :) I omitted mentioning that since it's not really relevant to the discussion, and I guess it still isn't but since the spell was mentioned I thought I'd throw it out there.