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#1 - 2013/01/31 12:28:00 PM
5.2 appears to have a cool little fishing event all over Pandaria. It has new pools, fishing bosses and lots of fun fishing. Plus all the anglers are out in force competing in this great new feature.

- A grummie angler
- Goblin angler
- Undead angler
- Nat Pagle, Salty el, etc etc...

Everyone is represented. Everyone except Taurens. Taurens can fish, it must not go live, this is racism.

Edit : Worgens not represented either. This is something against Fur people I fear.

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#10 - 2013/01/31 01:37:00 PM
We have tried adding Taurens as competing anglers but they just didn’t seem to be catching any fish, so we decided to remove them and opened a thorough investigation to find out what the problem was.

After exhaustive analysis and code debugging we found out that Taurens’ footsteps tend to create micro-earthquakes that fishes can detect once the vibrations reach the water. There are definitely ways we can fix this, but creating special fluffy slippers that can withstand this kind of load is no easy task, we’re trying some of the more recent materials that gnomish science has brought to daylight but it’s still all very experimental and the raw materials are very controversial and hard to come by (thanks by the way, Gnome Rights Association!).

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#23 - 2013/01/31 03:09:00 PM
31/01/2013 13:57Posted by Ahane
With "fluffy slippers", you are talking about gnomes themselves...right? They'd make perfect slippers for a Tauren!

You know it's been a tough day when science tells you that you are the perfect raw material for your own experiment, especially when it involves being fitted into bovine feet. That's the thing about science, it can be cold-hearted. I mean, it could, if it had a heart.