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#1 - 2013/01/17 06:42:00 PM
So Could we ever have challenge modes for all Dungeons and raids where you could come in the current cap and have it be as difficult as when it first came out. The rewards could be gear up-grade tokens you can use at vendors to up-grade your current expansion gear or tier. That way difficulty could be easily changed every expansion. To be honest Challenge mode should always be challenging so if there were QQ's about how hard it was people should have in mind that it is working as intended and never ever nerf them.

Community Manager
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#12 - 2013/01/18 09:22:00 PM
Current challenge modes do normalize people's gear and levels down, so current challenge modes will always be the same (or near same) difficulty into the future. Not exactly what you mean, I know, but that kind of tech does already exist.

Challenge modes are already the most efficient way to get Valor, which is pretty rewarding. If we put an item at the end of it, either it's going to be low enough ilvl to be worthless to the types of people tending to run challenge modes (progression raiders), or it's going to be a BiS, at which point challenge modes become required for progression, tuning suddenly becomes a really big deal, etc. etc. It's not the intent of challenge modes, and not somewhere we're planning to take them.