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#1 - 2013/01/18 01:25:00 PM
Oh.. Blizzard you just implemented auto kick when you've got more than 100 ping in BGs, nice!

wait a second.. you didn't ? DO IT!

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#4 - 2013/01/18 02:16:00 PM
I know you’re not being really serious about this, but it's true that it’s a valid concern, ping has I would say a much bigger impact in the PvP experience than PvE, particularly because it directly affects not only the player having latency issues, but the ones trying to beat him.

Of course your “proposal” wouldn't be fair to many, many players, unfortunately we’re still a long way from having top notch networking infrastructures all over the world, accessible to anybody, and the speed of light isn’t exactly on our side either (but hey, with the more recent discoveries and progress done on the teleportation of quantum information, maybe one day that won’t be an obstacle anymore).

18/01/2013 13:28Posted by Lorcan
Weekend is tomorrow.

18/01/2013 13:36Posted by Gaija
impossible for Aussies


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#6 - 2013/01/18 03:02:00 PM
18/01/2013 14:24Posted by Mercredí
I'm an Aussie and I get 36ms most of the time

That's really good, I assume you're one of the lucky ones, or an Aussie living abroad. ;)
In case you're really there, then your weekend has already started, enjoy your Australian summer for the rest of us in Europe, it feels like Icecrown in here.