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Regional FlagIs Samwise still around? (Show MVP Posts)Source
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#1 - 2013/01/17 09:37:00 PM
I remember back in BC seeing lots of his art around the web, and I kind of always tthought that he was one of the main "heads" on the Wow feeling, if you can call it that.

Does he still work at Blizzard? Is there any new art from him or the guys in general that you can show? I find it kind of boring that the expansion art is reserved only for those that buy the CE :p

Also, since we are talking about Didier. Where is our Lvl 95 Tauren Chieftains?!

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#7 - 2013/01/17 09:49:00 PM
He's art director on StarCraft II, so most of his time is spent there, but he still does some concepts and bits for Warcraft now and again.