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#1 - 2013/01/17 01:57:00 AM
Blizzard, please stop making quests, dailies, and zones. Just give us 20 new dungeons, 10 battlegrounds, and 10 new raids. No one wants to quest, we just want to sit in SW/Org and queue for stuff. Stop making content we don't want and make more of what we really want... instances!
Sincerely, everyone.

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#17 - 2013/01/17 02:53:00 AM
Projection bias is a real pain. It's a difficult approach to counter, and I pretty commonly just have to read it, recognize it, and move on, to be honest. It's difficult being who we are all day every day to imagine that our own thoughts and feelings are not shared by everyone else. It also very commonly leads to a false consensus bias, where one assumes and exclaims that their ideas are met by a general consensus, of which there usually is none. It's extremely difficult to counteract and reason with, and unfortunately it generally for me leads to these kinds of claims just having to be nodded at with a plastered smile and a slow walk backwards. It's very difficult to convince someone the thing they just made up (as well intentioned as it may be) isn't true, because of the underlying factors that led to it being made up in the first place.