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#1 - 2013/01/03 08:42:00 PM
I am posting this only to get opinions because it kinda stinks that to get the GOOD gear you have to raid to get it and I don't have time to join up and go raiding with groups. really I am disgruntled because I pay my hard earned money just like everyone else and can't get the top gear. yes I have been playing for a while and I am working my way thru all the dailies to get the good gear and am close to ilvl 480 now but unless something changes will never see over 500 with the big boyz.... i wish there was a way we could get top PVE gear without raiding is my whole point..

it would be nice to achieve the "good stuff" without having to quit my career to have enough time to play and get it. on my realm you will spend no less than 1.5 hours to assemble a raid group and then get it done in without wiping 5 times...


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#71 - 2013/01/03 10:39:00 PM
If you're pressed for time and your goal is to see and experience raid content, LFR(Looking For Raid) is available and a relatively accessible way to experience that content. The item levels dropped from LFR isn't as high end as those from Heroic modes, but your character's item level doesn't have to be the sole barometer of how much fun you're having.