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#1 - 2012/12/09 02:11:00 PM
After I posted the Illidan animated wallpaper, a large number of people requested a Lich King wallpaper that had the Frozen Throne in it. Without further adieu, I present the Frozen Throne, animated wallpaper:


- There are instructions on how to download and use the wallpaper in the video. Basically, you will need to have Dreamscene enabled in order to set a WMV file as your desktop wallpaper. Dreamscene comes installed on every Windows computer after XP, and is only enabled by default on the Ultimate versions of those operating systems.

- The video is made from taking a single frame render from the Wrath of the Lich King cinematic, and then separating out all of the elments, placing them into 3D space, and then adding multiple particle effects, glows, lights, and cloud details.

I hope that you all enjoy this! If you have feedback on the wallpaper, please share that with me!


Edit: Here is a side by side comparison between what I added and the original



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#40 - 2012/12/10 06:08:00 PM
Very impressive stuff, Tuskrat!